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2016.  Don Kerr and Roderic Beaujot.  Population Change in Canada, 3rd Edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Drawing on the latest research and statistics, the third edition of Population Change in Canada offers a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of Canadian demography from the sixteenth century to the present day. Beaujot and Kerr's insightful narrative lays the groundwork by outlining key demographic concepts as well as the fundamental population processes - mortality, fertility, and immigration - before moving on to explore in greater depth issues of population growth, distribution, and aging and finally the social, cultural, economic, and political consequences of population change. Accessible and enlightening,Population Change in Canada offers students the foundation they need to fully understand population change and to prepare to meet its challenges both now and in the future.



1. The Study of Population Change
2. The Population of Canada before the Twentieth Century
Part I: The Population Processes: Mortality, Fertility, and Migration
3. Mortality, Health, and Health Care
4. Fertility and the Reproduction of Society
5. Immigration and the Population of Canada
Part II: Growth, Distribution, and Aging
6. Population Distribution, Internal Migration, and the Regions
7. Changing Growth Patterns and Their Implications
8. Population Aging
Part III: Consequences of Population Change
9. Families and Household
10. Sociocultural and Socioeconomic Composition
11. The Demography of the Aboriginal Population of Canada
12. Population and the Environment
13. Conclusions
Appendix A The Life Table
Appendix B Crude Rates, the Total Fertility Rate, and Standardization
Appendix C 2014 World Population Data Sheet
Appendix D Population Estimates and Demographic Accounts


2007. Roderic Beaujot and Don Kerr. Emerging Youth Transition Patterns in Canada, Investing in Youth: Evidence from Policy, Practice and Research. Policy Research Initiative, Ottawa. 

Various social, demographic and economic changes have altered the life experience of the young, which has modified the opportunities and risks encountered in navigating into adult roles. The objective of this study is to largely describe some of the most salient of these changes, with a careful review of existing Canadian literature and published empirical research. Of particular interest are important changes in the life course patterns of the young, in terms of later home leaving, later completion of education, delayed full time entrance into the labour force, later union formation, and later childbearing. We also review available data sources highlighting changes on the basis of existing survey and census data, while carefully considering evidence as to whether we have encountered climbing social inequalities among Canadian youth. 




2007 Roderic Beaujot and and Don Kerr (editors) Changing Face of Canada: Essential Readings in Population.  Toronto: Canadian Scholar's Press.

Canadian society is rapidly changing. This concise, up-to-date value captures this change. Edited by two Canadian demographers, Roderic Beaujot and Don Kerr, this book is an exciting entry in Canadian population studies, drawing from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, economics, geography, history and epidemiology. l





1995.  Kerr, Don and Nelson Kopustus.  Projections of Households and Families for Canada, Provinces and Territories, 1993-2016.  . Statistics Canada, Catalogue 91-522.


1994. Kerr, Don and Bali Ram. Population Dynamics in Canada. Scarborough: Prentice Hall Canada.