Data Files

DATA files for your Analytical Assignment


All of the datafiles can be found on the Kings server (log in via Scotty) under

\SPSS Data\Soc3306a570_2015_2016\

The final analytical assignment is due the last day of classes .
NOTE: Early in the term, I would like you to schedule a half hour appointment with me whereby we will decide upon a general topic for your analytical assignment early on. In preparing for this meeting, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with one of the following SPSS dataset that I will link to my website for this course.

1. Public Use Individual File from the 2006 Census 

USER GUIDE and VARIABLES  * Note: The link to the questionairre has been removed.  Don't worry about it, as it is useless anyway.  The link to the User guide is fine.


2. General Social Survey, 2009 [Canada]: Cycle 23, Criminal Victimization. Main file (GSS)



3. Canadian Community Health Survey, 2010



4. National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, 1994 cycle 1


After reviewing what is available in these databases, select a dependent variable for your analysis - what exactly would you like to analyze. As a suggestion, you might try to find something that you might consider personally interesting. Think about what other variables on the dataset might be related to this variable, and might potentially be worthy of further study. We can discuss, but please come to our appointment after thoroughly reviewing what is available.